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initially long i waits to when mig33 can synchronous same facebook, after try several applications refraction linked to facebook. final i get info from user friend mig33 that reside in jakarta, my friend word is like this” now i again is using mig33 at mobile (handphone)” . a little startled i am unconvinced, because i really not yet have known if mig33 there are that can linked to facebook that is use mig33 version 4.20.
yesterday three-day then i used mig33 version 4.20, i try to logging to use id i am at mig33 success linked to server mig33. then i look for existing menu, at find at part im then found menu facebook.
i even also can correlating” chatting” cheerful use mig33.

when i want out from application mig33 version 4.20 walk lancer, but when can i want to logging again use id previous not connection tar. may even exist pop up that appear, he said” invalid username password dosnt match” .
i am a little binggung, how does this. then i try to logging to use id i am other, permanent can not also.
i try again use mig33 the other version, the result even also same username and incompatible password. i am even also ask to friend that use application mig33 version 4.20, my friend word” may be username and password- wrong.
not long from that me try to logging again, such as those which at say my friend tries to ascertain formerly username and password-. i try to recurrent permanent can not also.
final i intend to send e-mail to mig33 about my account, what had happened. ? ? ?

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